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Back To School, Back To Routines, Back To Fitness!

Wow it’s September already - how did that happen?

As we get back into “term” time routines, quality time with the family can start to diminish.

One of the families who come to our weekly family boxing found just 30 minutes a week helped them rekindle their family relationships. The dad realised just how much his boys enjoyed having fun with him.

As they punched the bag, worked on the pads and did boxing fitness exercises they were laughing and enjoying their time together.

The added advantage is it gets everyone fit.

Our classes are just £5 with the adult free of charge - as long as they are well behaved 😁.

If you are over 65 we have sessions designed to help you keep flexible and strong. Our clients have told us they have improved flexibility, confidence and lower blood pressure.

Not sure if you would like the sessions? We always recommend a try before you buy to make sure we are the right gym for you.

All our classes can be found at our website

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